22. marts 2011

Tree cutting is so last century

Forget about harming innocent trees to prove your love. On "Bryggebroen" in Copenhagen hundreds of padlocks in different shapes and sizes are locked to the wires. They dance and shine in the sun as people are walking by. Every single one of them is decorated with the names of loving couples and is a symbol of eternal love.   

According to wikipedia this trend exists in more than 25 cities worldwide: Love birds bring a padlock to the bridge. They write their names on it, lock it to the wire and throw the key into the water. Now their love is forever sealed. If the couple gets children later on, they write the child's name on a new padlock and lock it to the old one. 

Apparently I'm not the only one who just recently heard about this phenomenon. As I was shooting these pics several by passers asked me if I knew who put the padlocks there. They'd been walking this way every day for years and never even noticed them. 

I think it's a lovely idea. Who can look at all these locks without smiling? 

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