13. maj 2011

TIme flies

Who says you have to leave the house to get inspiration? Hah - this fella died a terrible death trapped between my windows.. Just a perfect model to try out my new macro lens.. When I have the time I'm gonna experiment with the reversed lens technique. Stay put. 

I admit that these pics weren't shot with my 50mm but my new 100mm 2.8 macro.. That i L-O-V-E. 

5. maj 2011

Color my world

Party animals on trains station in Sydney. 

Have you ever looked at an old photo of yourself and thought: "What the f... was I thinking" when you saw what you were wearing? Well.. To me photo editing is just like that. That's why I always save the original so that I can re-edit it whenever I want. This photo was taken half a year ago. 


Today at work I looked out the window and two running guys caught my attention. They were running very fast in the middle of the road between the cars straight towards a hot dog stand on wheels with a lady pulling it. They jumped from the street up on the roof of the rolling hot dog stand. The lady didn't notice them - but so did many others. They both did a small dance of victory while greeting the crowd watching them. Then 1-2-3 they jumped from the hot dog stand to a downspout, disappeared behind a building and left their audience smiling and clapping.. Parkours. I love people that dare do things like that. 

These pictures are from an abandoned power plant in Fremantle, Western Australia. 

3. maj 2011

Spring is here!

My biggest fear?

Escalators.. Devilish things - especially the ones that go down down. I'd rather take a leap from a cliff than stepping out on these rolling bastards. 

Btw - this photo is obviously not taken by me but my lovely friend, Ditte. I'm the fear fighter..