31. januar 2011

Dreaming of Paradise

The thermometer shows minus five, and ice crystals adorn the windows like frozen flower heads. I dream of Paradise's forecourt, the Maldives, where the water is crystalclear and never below 30 degrees.

30. januar 2011

Orchids on the windowsill

In summer I spend most days in my rose garden enjoying the colorful flowers unfold themselves and spread their sweet scent of summer. In winter while the roses are asleep my orchids get the attention. 11 of them are blooming these days. These pictures are of my Cymbidium and Dendrobium. 

26. januar 2011

Ring of fire

On the beach of Koh Samet, Thailand, this young guy was entertaining the dining tourist. His shoulders were covered in burns - but I couldn't get close enough to capture it. 

24. januar 2011

Like pearls on a string

I chose the wrong day to go the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia. It was raining all day - the kind of rain that doesn't stop for one second and that will soak you in three. The heavy fog was covering the beautiful mountain scape but luckily I got some good shots of raindrops. 

22. januar 2011

Fighting for honor

Thai boxers fighting in Koh Samet in Thailand. The guy with the red boxing gloves fought hard - but ended up getting knocked out in 4th round. 

The light in the ring was very bad and the boxers were moving quickly. I decided to use a high ISO and ended up with "corny" pictures. In editing I softened them to get rid of the "cornyness".  Shutter 1/200-400, F/2.0, ISO 800

21. januar 2011

Jungle beauties

These beautiful creatures were sitting on the fence on the side of the road at Koh Chang in Thailand. I was passing by on a scooter and as I stopped to photograph them more monkeys kept coming. I guess they were curious to see what was going on. How wonderful it was to see and photograph wild animals. They could have disappeared into the rainforest if they wanted but instead they stayed and posed for me - great models. 

I had to use ISO 400 - it was rather dark in the middle of the forest. F/ 3.5 - 4.5. Shutter 1/200. I've kept some color in the b/w effect. I like them that way. 

20. januar 2011

Hangin' on a string

Marionettes hanging side by side in a small shop in Koh Chang, Thailand. Wooden corpses lined up with their painted on smiles waiting day after day for someone to pull their strings and make them dance. 

Canon 1000D mounted with 50 mm 1/50 f/ 2.8 ISO200

1. januar 2011

Australian flowers

I don't know much about flowers. These may not be Australian native flowers but they are all found in Australia in various gardens, parks and zoos. Flowers are perfect models. 

I prefer using a narrow dof when I shoot pictures of flowers. Gives them a more romantic look, I think. f/ 1.4 - 2.0