24. februar 2011

Denmark these days

I thought I could find some cool ice formations here on the east coast of Zealand. We've had freezing cold weather the past week. I rode my bike 15 kilometers to find some - didn't happen. Instead I shot some pictures of the frozen jetties. I love white landscapes. 

I need to get myself a ND filter for this lens. The ice is so beautiful but reflects so much light making it impossible to play with exposure and aperture. 

21. februar 2011

Kinda abstract

I don't like editing my photos too much - they always turn out too far from reality. However with this one I went all the way. High saturation, softness and cloned.. The original is from the orchid house in the botanical garden in Copenhagen. A plain red flower bud turning techno. 

Which version do you prefer?

20. februar 2011

Spike it up

Evil plants of the botanical garden in Copenhagen. 

As always Canon 1000D with 50mm f/ 1.4 USM. 
Picture 1: 1/1000 f/2.5 
Picture 2: 1/640 f/ 2.0
Picture 3: 1/200 f/ 1.8
I was lucky with the sunlight that gave me perfect light in the large green houses. The pictures are cropped, resized, cross processed and toned down in saturation. My next purchase is going to be a macro lens..

18. februar 2011

I miss summer

First - sorry for not posting new photos in almost a week. I'm spending the winter holiday in my boyfriend's summer residence far far away from civilization. That includes internet and cell phone reception. I haven't been photographing much the whole week since the winter in Denmark is freeeeezin'. And I'm not talking about the beautiful snowy kind of freezing - just grey wet freezing. It's awful.

 Anyway - this photo is from our last trip to the summer house. Carla kept an eye on the sausages while the barbecue heated. She's the best sausage guard I've ever had. I miss summer!

8. februar 2011

Blue and green

The Indian Ocean hides a world of beautiful colors and weightless creatures. The water was 30 degrees and crystal clear. The corals was healthy and the fish not afraid of divers. I'm going back to the Maldives. 

4. februar 2011


They may have kangaroos and koalas in Australia. But in Denmark we have the Red Deer - in Danish they're called "Crown Deer" because of their majestic antlers. This is a white stag in "Dyrehaven".

3. februar 2011


Denmark's national bird - the white swan. So majestic and beautiful - there's no lake without them. I was surprised to discover the swans in Perth, Western Australia, are black. Dark and mysterious - I think I prefer the snow white version. 

2. februar 2011

My princess

My beautiful princess, Carla. English Bulldog, five years old. A snoring, drooling, scratching puppy dog. I can't believe I left her for seven months.. That will never happen again. What would I do without her?