18. marts 2011


I know.. I'm slowly killing my blog by not posting anything new these days. And I do apologize. It has been quite an awakening to move back to Denmark from Australia. I started photographing at the Maldives in July last year. In Australia I practiced for six months and in Thailand I went nuts with my camera. I made a promise to myself as I returned to the tiny northern Kingdom, Denmark, that I would keep shooting photos and improve my skills. I've been breaking that promise and I miss it terribly. The thing is - Denmark has, since I got back, been all grey and dark and foggy. And not in the cool mysterious way.. More like a boring, colorless way. I get no inspiration here. None whatsoever. That is why I've convinced my dear boyfriend to go with me to Madagascar this summer. I can't wait. Chameleons, lemurs, native people. Just my kind of photography.

This is him by the way.. In cold and grey Denmark. 

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